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Test 600x Review

If you have ever looked at yourself in your bathroom mirror and wished you had bigger pecs, biceps, triceps or quads, then you are probably one of the millions of men in the entire globe with low testosterone and therefore a low natural inclination to become bigger.

Over the decades this has been a really big problem in the fitness world.

Many guys in a similar situation have tried eating more protein, training harder and even doing a bit of cardio to improve their size but to no avail.

That was before testosterone boosters were introduced to the market.

One of the best in the business is Test-600x supplement from Anabolic Research.

Though many of us were a bit skeptical about it when we first discovered it, we researched and found out that it is extremely effective.

The supplement increases size dramatically when used correctly. It also increases strength and will do wonders for lifting power.

With it, you will look bigger, manlier and more buff than you have ever been.

Learn how in the review below

Where to get test 600x online

The product and its manufacturer

Test 600x is made by Anabolic Research which is the trade name of Dynamic Sport Research.

The manufacturer is based in Texas and sells some of the most potent bodybuilding supplements. You can expect quality from them as they are an American company.

This is in contrast to other companies based outside the country where standards and expectations may be low hence lower quality products.

Test 600x is a natural and legal alternative to the testosterone steroid.

It doesn’t come with any of the side effects of testosterone and you don’t have to shell out several hundred dollars to get it.

Nevertheless, it is made using ingredients that make it just as powerful for bodybuilding as testosterone.

On top of being natural, not having any negative side effects and being way cheaper, Test-600x is also legal.

You can buy it without having to worry about getting into trouble with the law regardless of where you are in the world.

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Unique Test 600x Ingredients and how they work

The supplement comes in the form of tablets in a container. Each container comes with 60 tablets. There are two classes of ingredients in each tablet – the main active ingredients and the supporting ingredients.

The main active ingredients include Eurycoma Longfolia fruit powder, Maca root powder, caffeine, Tribulus fruit powder and L-arginine.

Supporting ingredients include pharmaceutical glaze, silicon dioxide, croscarmellose sodium, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, dicalcium phosphate, and stearic acid.

These ingredients are basically drug stabilizers and preservatives which maintain or enhance the functions of the main ingredients.

The five main ingredients give this supplement its potency.

They are super effective and powerful and have amazing ergogenic effects.

For example, Eurycoma Longfolia fruit powder is a known strength booster.

A number of studies including this one have proven that supplementation with this powder increases muscle strength and force.

This fruit powder is also known to increase natural testosterone levels boosting overall muscularity and growth.

Maca root powder is one of the single most beneficial supplements. It is rich in multiple beneficial molecules including trace minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, phytonutrients and amino acids.

Its main effect in this Test 600X blend of ingredients is to provide the environment for the other main active ingredients to facilitate muscle growth.

Caffeine is perhaps the least rare ingredient in this supplement.

It does exactly the same thing it does when millions of people across the globe take their early morning cup of coffee; it stimulates and energizes the user.

Moreover, multiple studies have proven that caffeine significantly increases large muscle group strength and power, especially in the upper body. Caffeine ingestion also boosts athletic performance. With all these benefits, the presence of caffeine in Test 600X boosts its profile and makes it one of the most powerful supplements of its kind.

The Tribulus fruit powder is a known testosterone booster. High testosterone leads to quicker muscle growth and development.

It also increases strength.

The fifth main ingredient in this supplement is L-Arginine. This one is an important amino acid.

Its presence in the body increases nitric oxide production. Higher levels of nitric oxide enhance performance, strength and growth.

A number of researchers have also found that taking L-arginine provides a considerable increase in stamina, especially during strenuous workouts.

From the evidence we have seen, there is no doubt in our minds that Test 600x can provide some incredible benefits especially when combined with intense workouts, proper nutrition and sufficient rest.

Massive Bodybuilding Results

Five main results of using Test 600x

So we have gone behind the scenes and seen what the main ingredients of this supplement are and how they work.

Here we explain the kind of results you can expect from taking this supplement.

We use the information from our ingredients review above, opinions from real users and information from the manufacturer to draft this section.

  • Enhanced lean body mass

Lean is muscular. Lean is the state of being without unnecessary or visible fat. Getting extra lean body mass is the right way of getting big.

It results in a body that is easier on the eyes, sexier and better adapted to the physical demands of day-to-day living.

With Test-600x, you will get to add extra lean body mass to your physique in no time.

  • Higher stamina and endurance

Sometimes training releases some feel-good hormones that makes you feel as if you want to do more in that one session but your body refuses. If you’ve been frequently experiencing such situations then your stamina is low.

Lucky for you, this supplement can correct this situation real quick. It can work naturally within your system to increase your stamina and make you better able to handle high-intensity exercises without fatiguing quickly.

  • Reduced body fat

With better endurance, you will be able to train more. In turn, more training will enable you to burn more fat.

A couple of weeks of intensive training supplemented with Test 600X will see you incinerate so much fat that you may have to buy new smaller clothes.

  • Better mood, sleep and attitude

The Maca root powder ingredient in this product has so many nutrients and minerals that improve general wellbeing and bring about optimal hormonal balance.

Better health and the hormonal balance will improve your mood, your attitude and will make you sleep better at night.

  • Higher sexual performance

Sexual performance is determined by the levels of testosterone. Higher testosterone means a higher libido and an above-average performance.

This product has multiple ingredients that collectively increase testosterone levels, boosting your sex drive and performance in the process.

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Side Effects and other drawbacks?

The benefits of Test 600x have made it a favourite with many gym goers. However, this doesn’t mean that the product is without flaws.

For one, the presence of caffeine in this product can make it addictive and mind-altering.

Secondly, although the supplement can help you lose weight, the loss is sometimes not as much as some people expect.

Thirdly, the product hasn’t been the subject of any publicly accessible independent scientific study.

All the information about its effectiveness is from the company’s own study and from user testimonials.

However, the company researches and makes its products in a controlled setting which means that the quality can’t be that bad.

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The Pricing and Availability

It is not an exaggeration to say that Test 600x is expensive because it is. The 60-capsule bottle that is only enough for 30 days retails for $100.

Perhaps the price is justified because of the benefits but that is really neither here nor there.

The price is a bit high.
In terms of availability, the genuine product can be found on the manufacturer’s official website

The genuineness of products on other websites cannot be verified so we recommend sticking to the official online store.

The actual experience of using this product

The product is easier to take and simple. No dosing and no injections as would have been the case with testosterone injections.

Considering that the product is actually not a drug but a blend of natural ingredients, there are really no side effects to be worried about.

One can notice real changes within several weeks of using the product. Sometimes it takes a bit longer depending on whether the training and nutrition have been optimized to enhance the product benefits.

Final Thoughts on Test 600X

This is a wonderful product by Anabolics Research. The tablets are extra potent and perfect for overall body transformation. The tablets also promote overall health and sexual performance.

The one potential downside is the potential addictive of the tablets because of the presence of caffeine inside them. However, this may require large doses of the tablets to occur.

Other than those two issues, we have found no other problem with this dietary supplement. We strongly recommend Test 600x for fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders who want to see real change.

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