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With over 500 million people affected by hepatitis B, C, or AIDS/HIV; Idenix Pharmaceuticals is developing treatments to discontinue these diseases. However, such existing treatments come with limitations in regards to therapeutic results, safety, and convenience to the user.

Current Product Candidates


Currently, Telbivudine is undergoing testing as a new drug that is marketed for antiviral activity against the Hepatitis B virus. The generic name for Telbivudine is L-deoxythymidine (LdT) and has also been demonstrated as a favorable safe option in treatment.


Idenix is currently undergoing clinical trials for the product of Val-torcitabine as a second drug candidate for HBV treatment. Valtorcitabine is being developed as a fixed dosage with telbivudine for patients requiring more than a single agent for treatment.

Valopictabine NM283

Idenix focuses on the development of HCV research in hepatitis C virus replication. Our current anti-HCV agents are believed to be active against multiple strains of HCV including the genotype 1, which is the most resistant HCV found.

As the current leading candidate for hepatitis C treatment, Valopictabine NM283 is currently undergoing phase II in clinical assessment.

Idenix works every day to develop drugs aims to improve the outcome and develop to address the unmet healthcare needs of patients. Our development strategy is designed to address the needs and provide care for current health diseases and treatments.