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How To Prevent Your Brain From Damage And Keep It Healthy


Generally, staying healthy in life is essential if you are to succeed in doing anything. But do you know that maintaining a healthy brain is paramount to your overall health and well-being? To address this issue, here are a few ways that can help you prevent damaging your brain and keep it healthy:


Avoid drugs and alcohol

Even though experts cannot agree on how much alcohol consumption can damage your brain, recent research has it that overuse of drugs and alcohol for a long period of time have adverse effects on our brain.

These substances cause damage to the neurons’ capability to send out signals by transforming the levels of neurotransmitters inside the brain.

Additionally, alcohol consumption and drugs abuse practically kill the cells inside the brain which could result in long-term brain damage and intellectual impairment.

Exercise Regularly

Every person understands that routine workouts benefit our bodies. It helps us control our bodyweight, boosts strength and endurance, minimizes anxiety and enhances mood.

Exercise is also essential for our brain health. Studies in both animals and human beings have demonstrated that routine workouts induces the growth of new cells in the brain, improves blood circulation to the brain, and lowers the levels of stress hormones, for instance, cortisol.

Individuals who exercise every day learn faster, recall more, think more clearly and recover faster from brain traumas and emotional hardship than those who never exercise.

Get sufficient sleep

According to the latest research by scientist, adequate sleep is associated to slow thinking and higher risks of getting dementia. It is therefore essential that you get enough sleep to enable your brain to relax after the day-long work. According to studies, sleeping for about seven to nine hours a day will help your brain function properly and reduce the risks of brain damage.


Avoid all types of head injuries

Last but not least, always protect your head from any external injuries by wearing protective gears such as a helmet when perfuming activities that might expose your head to injuries during a fall. For instance, wear helmets when skiing, biking, skating, or when participating in other sporting activities.

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