At Idenix, our corporate values — Innovation, Teamwork, Respect, Quality and Ownership — reflect a unique and dynamic culture.


Idenix is an innovative company striving for excellence in the discovery, development and commercialization of breakthrough advances for the treatment of life-threatening diseases. By cultivating an environment of responsiveness and entrepreneurial spirit, we believe we can deliver better medicines to patients. Innovation and creativity are at the heart of all that we do. Embracing change and the adoption of new approaches to our work and processes is vital to our success.


One team, many strengths. We can only be a successful company if we work together as a team — a team that is focused on action and results; one that communicates openly and honestly; one that maintains an engaging and positive spirit. We share in our successes, as well as in the insight we gain from the challenges we face.


Idenix values all people with whom we work. We conduct our business with high ethical standards and operate with integrity. We respect the diversity of experiences, opinions and ideas that come from our employees. We are committed to delivering treatments that will improve the quality of life of patients. We respect the roles that all of our stakeholders play in driving Idenix forward to achieve this goal.


Idenix is committed to achieving the highest level of quality in all that we do, while maintaining our sense of urgency to produce effective treatments for life-threatening disease.


Idenix fosters “pride of ownership.” Everyone contributes to our success and each individual makes a difference. Our employees are accountable for their actions, encouraged to lead, and empowered to make decisions and identify opportunities to help Idenix.