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Cause and Treatment of Anxiety and Chest Pain

Anyone having chest pain can get scared. But it doesn’t mean you are experiencing heart failure. It is crucial to know what exactly is happening to know what to do next and your anxiety will drop tremendously. Don’t get panicked whenever you experience pain in your chest area.

Hence, the issue might not be emanating from your heart. Almost all the organ in the top part of the human body can be an origin of anguish and discomfort. Also, chest pain can transmit from the following place in the body: the back, the lung, the neck, or from the stomach.

The cause of chest pain can either be a non-severe or more dangerous. So, it is best to identify the real cause of your chest pain and take appropriate action medically. Hence, its crucial to handle chest pain with all seriousness.angina chest pain

Firstly, let’s discuss the likely dangerous chest pain. It’s imperative to get urgent medical attention when this kind of pain occur. This kind of pain will make whoever experiencing it to feel anxious. Make sure to take immediate medical actions if you experience the following chest pain symptoms:

  • Abrupt and constant chest pain – compressing or clutching
  • Acute hurt in your chest area
  • Critical brief of breathing
  • Pain emitting from your jaw, left arm, or from within your arm blades
  • Revulsion
  • Fainting

In case where you visited a medical doctor for a heart-related ailment and was prescribed medication such as nitroglycerin or glyceryl trinitrate and you are having chest pain that lasts for more than 15mins; then you need to call for an emergency immediately.

Another cause of chest pain is Angina. Angina is sometimes confused for heart failure due to its symptoms similarity. Angina Pectoris is its correct medical name which indicates “Tight Chest.”

Delicate angina pectoris transpires when the entire body is resting. But most often, it happens during a workout, climbing stairs or walking very fast or whenever you feel overstressed.

Its usually caused by what we know as “coronary arteriosclerosis.” It’s where the arteries are responsible for providing the heart with oxygen-rich blood which later becomes too narrow, thick and tightened.

Whenever the heart is made to pump very fast, then the arteries get constricted and are prepared to undergo more pressure of pumping to meet up. Insufficient oxygen can cause pain in the heart region which explicates to pains in your chest area and also having anxiety feelings.

Having a heart attack is more severe than experiencing stress. It is best always to see your doctor for appropriate medical attention. Taking a daily dosage of aspiring to lighten up the blood a bit. You may also have to use some other drugs, spray or patches as long as your physician prescribes them. Additionally, you may also use calcium artery blockers and beta-blockers.

In case all the medication prescribed didn’t solve the chest pain problem, you should see a cardiologist for more test to find out the real cause.

As always said, prevention is far better than sourcing for remedy. Having a change in lifestyle can prevent you from experiencing angina and heart-related illness. You should also endeavor to improve your general health which will help in lessening your anxiety level.

Here are lists of things to do to reduce the risk of heart failure and chest pain while improving your heart health:

Avoid the consumption of saturated fats and animal product. Eat more of fresh greens and also complex carbohydrate with some fresh fruits.

Avoid consuming any product that contains hydrogenated. Make sure to check the list of content of the product you are buying and watch out for the word “hydrogenated” and ensure such products are entirely ruled out. You should also avoid the use of cooking oil.

  • Quit smoking
  • Sustain a healthy body weight – cut down on your weight if you are over-weight.
  • Workout consistently – doing exercise for 30 minutes for at least three time a week is incredible.
  • Learn to Rest Well – meditation, yoga, or significant personal hypnosis documentation that concentrates on making you more relaxed and calm can be all you need. Hypnosis is exceptional for relaxing and loosening anxiety.

If the lungs don’t function well, it can also cause chest pain. Inflammation in the lung region or blood clots can also cause chest pain. Asthma and pneumonia can also make one have a severe ache in the chest. Another cause of experiencing pain in the chest is digestion problems.

Strain and shingles of the tissues found in the ribs can also cause chest pain.

Finally, make sure to visit your physician or a specialist whenever you experience discomfort in your chest region for professional medical advice. By doing this, your mind will be at rest and have confidence that you are getting medical attention.

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