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Cause and Treatment of Anxiety and Chest Pain

Anyone having chest pain can get scared. But it doesn't mean you are experiencing heart failure. It is crucial to know what exactly is happening to know what to do next and your anxiety will drop tremendously. Don't get panicked whenever you experience pain in your chest area. Hence, the issue might not be emanating

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Hepatitis B: Causes, Treatment and Possible Cure

Hepatitis B, also known as Hep B, is a liver infection that is brought about by HBV (Hepatitis B virus). The disease is extremely devastating. It inflames the liver and causes plenty of uncomfortable symptoms and conditions including abdominal pain, painful joints, extreme fatigue, fever, jaundice and lack of appetite. In its chronic form, Hepatitis

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How to Prevent Prostate Cancer in Men.

Even though there are no proven strategies That can prevent prostate cancer in men, making healthy choices and exercising may reduce the risk or hinder the chances of getting prostate cancer and most other cancerous tumor. As a way to avoid prostate cancer, doctors have recommended that you do the following: Choose a healthy diet.

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Simple Self-Examination to Detect Breast Cancer

Increase in survival after breast can diagnosis has over several years been attributed to screening mammography. More than seventy percent of women have reported having undergone mammography screening to detect breast cancer. However, despite the increased use of testing, a large percentage of women have been able to identify breast cancer by themselves. But should

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