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How To Prevent Your Brain From Damage And Keep It Healthy

Generally, staying healthy in life is essential if you are to succeed in doing anything. But do you know that maintaining a healthy brain is paramount to your overall health and well-being? To address this issue, here are a few ways that can help you prevent damaging your brain and keep it healthy:   Avoid

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How to Prevent Prostate Cancer in Men.

Even though there are no proven strategies That can prevent prostate cancer in men, making healthy choices and exercising may reduce the risk or hinder the chances of getting prostate cancer and most other cancerous tumor. As a way to avoid prostate cancer, doctors have recommended that you do the following: Choose a healthy diet.

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Simple Self-Examination to Detect Breast Cancer

Increase in survival after breast can diagnosis has over several years been attributed to screening mammography. More than seventy percent of women have reported having undergone mammography screening to detect breast cancer. However, despite the increased use of testing, a large percentage of women have been able to identify breast cancer by themselves. But should

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The Importance of Protein to Fitness and General Health

Proteins are biomolecules that contain amino acids and are useful for various bodily functions. They are crucial in the maintenance as well as the production of new cells, they help in maintaining and losing weight, they stabilize the blood sugar levels, increase focus, boost your energy levels and support your muscles and bones. Not all

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Surgical Oncology – Thousands Now Live Longer

You might not be feeling well or you have noticed some growths on your body that are making you nervous. What kind of doctor do you need to find to get the proper diagnoses and treatment options needed to continue living a healthy long life? Most hospitals have a division of surgical oncology that deals

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Idenix Puts IDX184 On Hold, FDA to Conduct Further Review

LITTLE ROCK, AR-- Idenix Pharmaceuticals, a global biopharmaceutical company that works for the discovery and improvement of medications for human viral diseases treatment, announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has placed a partial clinical hold on IDX184, the nucleotide polymerase inhibitor that is being developed by Idenix for the treatment of hepatitis

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Hepatitis C Treatment for Drug Abusers

Today, one of the most common life-threatening viruses in the world is Hepatitis C. As a potential killer, the deadly virus has the power to damage an individual’s liver function. The liver plays a vital role in how it filters toxins out of the body. However, someone who has hepatitis C and abuses drugs puts

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Top 5 Resources to Gain Insight on the Pharmaceutical Industry

Looking for more information on the pharmaceutical industry? In this guide, we will provide some essential resources to help you gather more information and knowledge. Check out these top 5 resources to gain insight on the pharmaceutical industry. American Society of Health-System Pharmacists - https://www.ashp.org/ With over 40,000 members of ASHP, you will discover members

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Top 4 Pharmaceutical Conferences to Attend

Looking to get on the right track of the pharmaceutical industry? The best way to stay ahead of the market is through conferences and seminars. Not only will they help you stay in the know of it all but also keep you building strong networks. Here are the top 4 pharmaceutical conferences to attend in

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