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Founded in 1998, Idenix is a global pharmaceutical company that is inspired to improve the lives of patients all over the world with treatments that are not fully solved by current medicine. We combine our extensive knowledge, expertise, resources, and capabilities to develop effective products that work.

Our performance and motivation to provide motivation in taking risks identify issues and seek out opportunities for completion. We are dedicated to developing strong connections to provide Idenix and our partners with high advantage in today’s competitive market.

As a growing pharmaceutical company with a history of achievements, we use our ability to develop drugs through the identification and development of novel products. Our strategy is to develop and produce special products by improving our robust pipeline, growing our franchise, develop strong partnerships, and execute strategic results.

Built by success, we at Idenix continue to grow our knowledge and expertise to allow us to consistently deliver creative solutions in the challenging environment of health.

Through our core strategies, Idenix develops pharmaceutical products that aim to meet the needs of patients. Our wide range of technology and product development gives us the expertise to help our partners develop quality products for the pharmaceutical industry.