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Heartburn Illness: Different Types, Causes, and Natural Remedies

What Does Heartburn Mean?

Despite been generally known as dyspepsia, indigestion or heartburn, the aftermath is the same. Makes you feel burning in the throat and chest area. Makes you feel like your heart is burning. In no circumstances does the heartburn has anything to do with the heart. Hence, it brings up the question: What Does Heartburn Mean?

About forty-two percent of Americans experience heartburn occasionally in their lifetime while 10% encounter it weekly. The fact about heartburn is that the experience is unpleasant as a result of the increase in stomach acid. Despite being a frequent obnoxious occurrence, all it requires is a comforting moment.

Heartburn can also make someone feel bloated and ill. Could make you have difficulty swallowing. Can’t lie down because you will feel worst when you try to sleep. Makes us avoid eating certain foods that we feel like eating for fear of triggering an uncomfortable moment. Could be very dreadful.

Gastric reflux of acid in the body is the primary cause of heartburn which is ascending the esophagus. It could also be a caution sign of a heart-related disorder. So, it crucial to seek medical attention from a trained physician.

Knowing the Various Kinds of Heartburn/Indigestion

Firstly, make sure to know the type of heartburn you are suffering from before looking for the solution. Don’t be surprised about this because there are different forms which depend on what’s the cause and how severe. Read on to learn more about various type of heartburn and how to cure it naturally.

The Most Popular Kinds of Heartburn

  • Summer Heartburn:

Generally, summertime is a period for the outing, for savoring every delicious fries and also consuming cheese sandwiches which easily triggers heartburn. The heat weather at this period combined with foods that contains much fat could make you prone to heartburn ailment. If you experience heartburn in this manner, then there is a clear indication that you are suffering from summer heartburn.

Th best you can do for yourself is to avoid acidic foods whenever you are on an outing in the sun and make sure to consume light food that will digest quickly. There is some excellent organic heartburn remedy that can help you get rid of summer heartburn quickly.

  • Pregnancy Heartburn:

It is a well-known fact that pregnancy does come with some health challenges. So, heartburn could also be part of them. The fantastic thing about this type of heartburn is that it goes away immediately after the baby delivery.

The tension in the belly increases towards the 3rd trimester. It causes the digestive process to slow down and making the acids to stay in the stomach for some time. The process failure makes the acid flow back from the stomach into the esophagus, which eventually results in indigestion.

Hence, despite the availability of various kinds of natural remedy for indigestion and heartburn in the market but it is crucial that you consult a medical professional for advice before consumption.

  • Night-Time Heartburn:

Night-Time heartburn happens to be one of the most painful and worst kinds of heartburn. Night-time heartburn occurs at night when the whole body is in a relaxed mode and not ready to bear pain and discomfort. But other forms happens during the daytime which makes it easy to get dealt with by observing some rest or taking medications.

Night-time Heartburn, Why Does it Occur?

The answer to this question is straightforward. As human beings, we tend to lay in a particular state for a long while which then makes the esophageal sphincter to slacken making it simpler for the corrosive to pass into the esophagus.

Lack of saliva could be another cause of night-time heartburn. In case you don’t know, saliva is the best form of natural defense your body can get against heartburn. Unfortunately, the secretion of saliva decreases at night time which makes us venerable to heartburn at night.

  • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD):

Majority of you know about Gastroesophageal reflux ailment or Acid Reflux. Its another type of heartburn which is more severe and painful. This kind of heartburn is more than a mere case because it could be a sign of more complicated health issues.

If you experience indigestion for more than ones in a week which lasted for hours or days, possibilities are bout that you are not suffering from minor heartburn but experiencing GERD. You could be suffering from other kinds of ailment if you leave GERD untreated for a longer time such as gingivitis, asthma, halitosis, interstitial fibrosis, laryngitis, and wheezing.

The inflow of high amount of intestinal acid into the esophagus can result in inflammation making it more severe and unpleasant. Hence, you are advised to get treatment at the early stage of experiencing such a situation. Your physician is in a better position to determine how severe your condition is and also prescribe the best medical advice.

  • Chronic Heartburn:

Dyspepsia that occurs more than twice a week and also more severe is chronic heartburn. Best way to get chronic heartburn treated is by consulting a medical practitioner because frequent occurrence of heartburn attack can be a sign of GERD. You need to carry out every necessary test to ascertain the real cause of your persistent indigestion attack.

There are some highly efficient natural remedies for indigestion. They can help you get rid of chronic heartburn and also get rid of the severe pain and the burning feelings. Understanding the kind of heartburn you are experiencing will make the cause easier to determine. Hence, knowing the reason can help you avoid substances that can trigger it and also find the appropriate natural remedy to put a final stop to the horrifying, painful moment.what causes heartburn everyday

What are the Causes of Heartburn

The significant causes of heartburn are the drinks we consume during the meal and the kind of food we eat at a particular time. Most indigestion or acid reflux that occurs is as a result of the food and drinks we take. Having a good knowledge of the kind of drink and food that could trigger heartburn problems will help you in preventing or minimizing the discomfort and pain that could occur.

Having total control over what you take, will go a long way in preventing the painful ailment from happening later in the future. The LES’ (lower esophageal sphincter) is responsible for restraining the abdomen’s contents from getting into the esophagus. Caffeinated liquids such as tea and coffee can also make the LES more relaxed.

The LES will fail to keep the content in the stomach intact if it’s relaxed. When this happens, some of the contents that are acidic will go into the esophagus causing you to experience the burning feelings of dyspepsia. Not only caffeinated drinks cause this burning sensation but also drinks that are fermented and even foods like citrus fruits, chocolates and also food products made from tomatoes.

They can also get the LES into a relax mode which could result in acid reflux flowing into the esophagus causing indigestion. Furthermore, food with excess fat and smoking can also weaken your LES which leads to acidic content getting into the esophagus and resulting in heartburn.

Natural Remedy for Heartburn Illness

Right from the ancient time, human beings have been searching for the cure of heartburn. But this common ailment has always been treated with the natural healing from one generation to another. One of th best way to prevent yourself from experience this unwanted discomfort moment is to have a sensible lifestyle. Ranging from the choice of food intake, drinks consumption or the right combination as mentioned earlier can prevent heartburn attack.

Fennel tea is a universal and also natural remedy for this illness. The tea is capable of speeding up the relief period. It’s also a known fact that fennel is one of the principal ingredient used in producing some heartburn medication.

No particular remedy is perfect for all heartburn patients. Reaction to various medication varies from a different patient. Some can be effective for some and are not for another person. Going through a medical test following the guidance of a physician could help in finding the right cure for your heartburn.

While considering medical attention, its crucial to also make some lifestyle changes to reduce or prevent yourself from going through this burning sensations. Finding a remedy for indigestion may include knowing what triggers it and initiating an attempt to evade the triggers.

Firstly, make sure that you aren’t going to react negatively to explicit reduction of acid medically, anti-acid could be a simple antidote for your indigestion.

The foods that most of the people consume nowadays are full of toxic fats and are also low in organic fiber. Eating more of diet rich vegetables and also avoid too many intakes of highly acidic tomatoes could be a simple remedy to your heartburn sickness.

Changing of diets has proven over time to be a simple remedy to this illness and combining it with the appropriate medication can as well make it achievable.

Is There Any Other Thing To Put Into Consideration?

Apart from changing your lifestyle, there are also some other natural ways to get rid of heartburn which include the usage of organic supplements and herbs. Note, these medications are beneficial, so pregnant women should desist from taking them without the advice of their doctor. Pregnancy tends to bring up an inconvenient condition of heartburn.

Pregnant women can preferably reduce the intake of food and take a small portion frequently and also avoid going to bed immediately after a meal. But if the heartburn gets worst for pregnant women, kindly visit your doctor for the best viable reflux cure.

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